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Creekstone Farms Butcher Paper

Natural Prime Fully Trimmed Whole Tenderloin



  • GRADE:   USDA Prime
  • PROGRAM:   Natural Black Angus Beef with no Hormones or Antibiotics. Grass fed and grain finished in the mid-west.  Certified Humane®” 
  • WEIGHT:   Averages 4-6 lbs. 
  • PACKAGING:   Product ships fresh and vacuum sealed.
  • STORAGE:   Product can be kept refrigerated up to 14 days.

This is a fully trimmed primal with the membrane removed (190A). This is a product received at high-end restaurants for cutting into individual filet mignons or serving as a full tenderloin roast.

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews Write a review

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
David G.
Solid piece of meat!!!!!!!!!!

Really tasty and tender piece of beef. It was really tasty despite me slightly over cooking. That is when you know the beef is really good!!!

Stephen S.
Prime Tenderloin

Excellent. Thank You Creek Stone Farms

Richard I.
Customer Service Listens

So I wrote a review about the small size of a trimmed tenderloin I recently received. Customer Service, Courtney Capps, contacted me and sent another tenderloin free of charge. The second one was larger than the first. Now my Christmas guests will have a choice between rare and rarer for their Beef Wellington. Thank you Creekstone Farms and Courtney for the fantastic service. I will be back as a repeat customer.

Richard I.
Whole Tenderloin

First time in almost two years (and over $2000 in orders) I have felt shorted by Creekstone Farms. The tenderloin I received today fit into the parameters listed on the website, barely, weighing in at 4 pounds 5 ounces, but will not be sufficient for my Christmas Eve Beef Wellington that I make to feed 6-8 people. I was surprised, quite frankly, at the small size this year as always before, the tenderloin has been on the 6 pound or larger size. By the time I trimmed the tail and shaped the head of the loin, I am left with a 2½ pound tenderloin and 4 small filets. I am going to have to supplement this with another tenderloin from my local grocery which I have been reluctant to do in the past. Perhaps a good thing has had its run and it is time to look elsewhere. I am saddened to have to do this.

Louis C.
Tenderest of tenderloins

I ordered this to make for Father's Day. It came perfectly trimmed. I took it out of the fridge for about 3 hours to get up to room temp before cooking. Dried it off with paper towels. Seasoned it liberally with flakey salt and fresh cracked black pepper. I then coated the the top and sides with Dijon mustard and fresh crushed garlic and a bunch of herbs. I cooked it offset over charcoal and then finished it right over the coals for a good sear. The amount of marbling in this tenderloin was impressive as it gave it some really good flavor you don't really get from this cut, and the tenderness was what you would expect from a typical tenderloin. It basically melted in the mouth. Amazing product that I will order again.