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Creekstone Farms Butcher Paper

USDA Prime Outside Skirts - While Supplies Last

$98 $158

We have run out of stock for this item.

  • GRADE:   Master Chef Prime
  • PROGRAM:   Premium Black Angus Beef. Grass fed and grain finished in the midwest. 
  • WEIGHT:   Package size is four pieces (2 bags) of peeled outside skirts for a total weight of approximately 5-7 lbs. per order (packaged two pieces per bag that total 2.5-3.5 lbs per bag). 
  • AGING:   Wet Aged up to 28 days for premium flavor and tenderness.
  • PACKAGING:   Product ships frozen and vacuum sealed 2 pieces per bag. These items ship frozen to lock in flavor and once received, you may freeze until you are ready to cook and then simply thaw and enjoy.

Creekstone Farms outside skirt steaks are a versatile piece of meat that is full of flavor. These are a favorite at restaurants across the country and are normally very difficult to locate for individual use. Outside skirts are ideal for marinating and grilling and work best when sliced thin and against the grain. These outside skirts are perfect for planning your own steak taco night! 

Customer Reviews

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Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Kevin M.

Second time purchasing. Super tender and flavorful. Makes awesome fajitas.

Tom c.
There is no better online store.

I made a purchase. When I opened the box their was an obvious problem. I made a review and sent an email. Within minutes I was contacted. They said there was an accident in the order. It was obviously a product we no longer ship. They sent an order overnight. I said you don't have to do it overnight too expensive. They insisted. Anyway they have proved they have the best customer support and the best products

Thank you for your recent purchase and we apologize for the issue with your order. It appears you received a mispack where the second image is a different product which is why there is the large size difference. If you want to email our team at orders@creekstonefarms.com or call the team at 620-741-3187 they can help resolve the issue with your order.

Prime Outside Skirt Steak

Most tender outside skirt steak I have had, wasn’t tough, tenderness was perfect.

Shafiq A.
Got the package 1 week after shipping

The package was shipped on 1/31/23 but fedex delivered it on 2/6/22. The meat were already soft and not in frozen condition. Contacted creekstone but no response. I am not sure to consume the meat.

We apologize for the delay on your package. Unfortunately FedEx ran into significant delays on packages across the country as part of the winter weather storm that impacted main hubs in Memphis and Dallas. We are still seeing packages arrive in good condition with the delays but understand the frustration on your part. Unfortunately, we are not able to control the shipping delays from the weather but if you have any issues with your product when you receive it, please email us at orders@creekstonefarms.com or contact our customer service number at 620-741-3187 and our team will be happy to help assist you with a refund or replacement order.

marion o.w.a.g.p.a.i.g.s.I.k.t.t.w.l.t.m.
could improve on packaging

I have not cooked either of the meats, but would make a suggestion that the packaging of both the ribs and skirts could be made smaller and more convenient for storage by a retail customer. As they are packed they take up way too much freezer space...but I am sure that they will taste great!