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Creekstone Farms Butcher Paper

Natural Prime Whole Strip Loin Roast

  • GRADE:   USDA Prime
  • PROGRAM:   Natural Black Angus Beef with no Hormones or Antibiotics. Grass fed and grain finished in the mid-west. Certified Humane®” 
  • WEIGHT:   Averages 12-14 lbs.
  • PACKAGING:   Product ships fresh and vacuum sealed.
  • STORAGE:   Product can be kept refrigerated up to 14 days.

Our Creekstone Farms USDA Prime Strip Loin is always a crowd favorite with it's delicious flavor and tenderness. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews Write a review

Customer Reviews

Based on 22 reviews
robert b.
2nd strip roast

2nd strip roast......1st came trimmed excellent...did like 5 steaks and a small roast....real yummy....this one (didnt weigh either one both were large hunks) i trimmed up this am and got 10 hefty steaks out of it....prob trimmed 2 steaks worth of fat off of it so not as trimmed up as last roast..... gonna fire up 2 steaks maybe tom night...other 8 vacuumed sealed for later.....love all the roasts.....got a prime boneless roast (large) for xmas dinner party.....the carnivores descended upon it like locusts discovering a new field of crops and was devoured.....overall excellent and look forward to further buys...

John M.

Would have given 5 stars but the outside fat layer was very thick. Otherwise the flavor and consistency was excellent.

Brian R.
StripLoin -Tender

A very tender offering - I smoked it at 250 Hickory Wood and it was a big hit for all of our guests. I would definitely purchase this again.

Rich E.

I love this Striploin, bought two the other day, just ordered another one today!

Chris m.
Good quality meat, needs better handling/packaging

Nice quality meat for a good price. the only negative thing I can say about it is that my New York striploin came with a large slice on it and I had to sacrifice that section into stir fry strips instead of thick steaks. Exceptionally beefy flavor though.