11900 14800
  • GRADE:   Master Chef Choice
  • PROGRAM:   Premium Black Angus Beef. Grass fed and grain finished in the midwest.
  • WEIGHT:   Package size is four pieces of peeled outside skirts for a total weight of approximately 5-7 lbs. per order (packaged two pieces per bag that total 2.5-3.5 lbs per bag). 
  • AGING:   Wet Aged up to 28 days for premium flavor and tenderness.
  • PACKAGING:   Product ships frozen and vacuum sealed 2 pieces per bag. These items ship frozen to lock in flavor and once received, you may freeze until you are ready to cook and then simply thaw and enjoy.

Creekstone Farms outside skirt steaks are a versatile piece of meat that is full of flavor. These are a favorite at restaurants across the country and are normally very difficult to locate for individual use. Outside skirts are ideal for marinating and grilling and work best when sliced thin and against the grain. These outside skirts are perfect for planning your own steak taco night! 

Master Chef Choice Outside Skirts- While Supplies Last
11900 14800

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Judy M.
Great meat

We received our order today so we haven’t had a chance to eat anything yet. That being said I’m sure it’s just as delicious as our other orders. They have the best spare ribs & pork butts I’ve ever cooked & eaten. Excellent pork. We’ll be smoking ribs this 4th of July. All their beef is excellent too. The packaging & delivered wonderful also.

James M.
Outside skirt like no other

I've enjoyed everything from Creekstone but none more than this outside skirt. It has a fabulous beefy flavor much like brisket, but cooks quickly on the grill. The order was large enough meat to feed a good sized party.

Gretel H.
Outside Skirt Steak

Outstanding flavor, texture.

Outside Skirt - Outstanding

Great quality and taste! Much better then what I can find locally.

Kristi H.
Master Chef Skirt Steak Package

The skirt steak was really good and grilled to perfection. I was surprised to receive a shaker bottle of seasoning packaged with the skirt steak. I sprinkled the seasoning on the steak 30 minutes before grilling and it was very delicious. Had to trim some silver skin fat before cooking but that's the proper way to cook skirt steak.
Thank you for the seasoning and I'll be making some more skirt steak for tacos soon.

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