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Yoder Smokers All Purpose Rub

  • SIZE:   10.9 oz. shaker bottle
  • USES:   A fresh, signature course-ground all-purpose seasoning with salt, onion, garlic, parsley, and thyme — heightened with cracked black pepper, red pepper, mustard seed, and dill. A lively spin on the traditional all-purpose seasoning, it will easily become the go-to for daily cooking. Perfect on burgers, steak, chicken, turkey and takes things to a new level on potato chips and fries. 

Over the years, Yoder Smokers have had the privilege to have cooked with and been around the world’s best pitmasters. And with that they've gained an intimate knowledge of award-winning flavor profiles proven on the largest stages in the world, as well as the everyday backyards of America. With that knowledge and experience, they set out to produce a group of flavors to stand out above the crowd. Yoder Smokers Rubs focus on premium ingredients and meticulous quality control to produced these handcrafted flavors that we are quite proud to introduce into the backyards and kitchens across the U.S.