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Creekstone Farms Butcher Paper
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Food Storage & Preparation

About Your Shipment

Most of our beef and pork items ship frozen however we do have some items that ship fresh  as will be noted when you place your order. All of our orders ship in a styrofoam cooler with frozen ice gel packs and dry ice to keep everything nice and cool in transit. If your shipment arrives partially thawed or without any dry ice remaining, do not worry as the dry ice will often dissipate in transit and products may begin to thaw. As long as the items are cool to the touch (less than 40 degrees in temperature) the quality of the product has not been compromised and there are no food safety concerns with your product. You may safely refreeze your items if you are not planning on cooking immediately or you may store in the refrigerator if you are planning to cook within 3-5 days. 

Thawing Your Items

You can view information about best practices for thawing and cooking your items directly on the USDA website by clicking here. Creekstone Farms recommends that you thaw all your beef and pork items on a plate or platter in the refrigerator. Thawing in this manner enables the products to maintain their excellent flavor and product tenderness while containing any product juices that may occur in packaging as the product is thawing. Smaller items such as steaks will generally thaw within 24-48 hours while larger items like roasts may take 3-5 days to thaw completely depending on their overall size and thickness. 

Cooking Your Items

Cooking times will vary based on individual equipment used as well as as other factors however we have outlined some suggested cooking times for popular steak products (thawed) below. It is always best to verify your desired level of doneness with a kitchen thermometer. It is recommended that you sear your steaks over maximum heat for 1-2 minutes per side and then reduce heat to medium and grill to desired temperature. Removing your products from the grill 5-10 degrees before your desired temperature and allowing the products to rest 5 minutes before serving will also help achieve best quality. 

Desired Temperature
  • Rare 120°- 130° F
  • Medium Rare 130°- 140° F
  • Medium 140°- 150° F
  • Medium Well 150°- 160° F
  • Well Done 160°- 170° F