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Creekstone Farms Butcher Paper

Natural Duroc Bone-in Pork Butts (2 Pieces)

  •  PROGRAM:   Premium Natural Duroc Pork. Antibiotic free and humanely raised in USA. 100% vegetarian fed. 
  • PACKAGING:   Product ships frozen and individually vacuum sealed. (may arrive partially thawed)
  • WEIGHT:  Product weights do vary, but the average weight is 6-9 lbs. per butt.

Creekstone Farms Premium Natural Duroc Bone-In Pork butts are always a hit with competition bbq enthusiasts. The quality and flavor of our Creekstone Farms Duroc pork butts are sure to please. Duroc pork has a higher PH level which means the pork is darker in color, is more firm and is more tender.

Customer Reviews

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Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Andres M.


Thomas C.
Competition Butts

We have been using your products for years on the competition circuit. Sad to say these one were smaller then normal and had a really small money muscle. Hope the next ones are better. Still give 5 star because they are still awesome butts.

Rodney J.
Duroc Pork is the Best!!!

The quality of the Duroc pork butts are second to none. I have family in Lexington NC, the BBQ Capital of NC, they told me they had never had BBQ as good as mine. I’ll let you in on a secret, it’s not my cooking, it’s the Duroc pork.

Tim M.
Top 10 in pork

We had been finishing near the bottom 3rd in pork in KCBS competitions and switched to Creekstone Farms Duroc pork and we have been placing in the top 10 ever since.

Kip S.
Not Overly Impressed

Big fan of Creekstone Farms, this time my wife requested pulled pork for Father’s Day. I guess she enjoys see me out by the snooker all day. The cook using my Traeger was uneventful and used the same cook method as previous pork roasts. This was my first purchase of a Duroc butts and assumed it would be amazing like their ribs. Pretty dissatisfied with the flavor and tenderness, after 14 hours at 225 it was pretty tough. Not the end of the world scenario, I know Creekstone puts out the best products.