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USDA Prime Tri-Tips Roasts (3 pack)

  • GRADE:   USDA Prime
  • PROGRAM:   Prime Black Angus Beef. Grass fed and grain finished in the mid-west.
  • PACKAGING:   Product ships frozen and individually vacuum sealed. (may arrive partially thawed)
  • WEIGHT:   Package contains 3 individual tri-tip roasts averaging 1.25-2 lbs. each.

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews Write a review

Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
Nadine J.

Thank you for inquiring into our recent order.
The order did arrive in time of our planned company dinner. We had one of the Tri-tip roasts and one of the pork ribs. I must say for the Tri-Tip; there was fatter than I was expecting for Prime meat.
Please see the amount of fat that I had to trim off before I cooked it. The meat was good in flavor but not the quality for prime. This is the only unfavorable experience we have had with Creekstone Farms.
The ribs were delicious and no fat.

Eric G.
Tri Tip


Diane L.M.
Cleaned up

First,we do enjoy the top quality of your product's! I how ever feel for the price, it should be cleaned to perfection. I should not have to remove excess fat. I should definitely not have have to remove silver skin. I would hope you have the best of the best butchers in your employ. I'm sure they would better suited with the best equipment for doing that job.

Mahmoud A.

Like the other cuts I got from creekstone farm this one was delicious!!

Mike E.
Tri Tip

We received our order of three tri tips two days after ordering. The meat was well packaged and still ice cold. We put two in the freezer for later and one in the fridge. We cooked it on our Big Green Egg Friday evening. It was very, very tasty! Excellent cut of meet. Very tender and delicious. Glad I finally found a place I can order it regularly as it is almost impossible to find in Georgia. Highly recommended.