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Natural Prime Whole Strip Loin


We have run out of stock for this item.

PROGRAM:  Natural Black Angus Beef with no Hormones or Antibiotics.  Grass fed and grain finished in the Midwest.  Certified Humane®
WEIGHT:  Averages 14-16lbs
PACKAGING:  Product ships fresh and vacuum sealed
STORAGE:  Product can be kept refrigerated up to 14 days

    Our Creekstone Farms USDA Prime Strip Loin is always a crowd favorite with it's delicious flavor and tenderness. 

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 28 reviews
    Joe P.

    The box was not taped shut at all by the time delivery was made and the box was wide open, exposed to the elements (80+ degrees here today) but that is on the delivery people who could have at least slapped a piece of tape on the box, especially seeing that there is clear writing on the box explaining that the contents are perishable. Creekstone packaged and sealed the inside of the box so well which ensured the entire loin was still cold to the touch which saved the day. I just finished cutting it into steaks and I must say, the meat looks very high quality with beautiful marbling as I've come to experience from previous orders. I will continue to order. Thank you Creekstone!!

    Syed A.
    Great Quality

    I ordered the whole strip to cut steaks out of them. The meat was shipped promptly and arived in time. It was really quality meat with great marbling. I was able to cut 10 1.5" steaks and had meat left over. Overall great product. Will order again.



    Christopher J.
    Leave the fat cap alone

    I’ll be ordering soon. I’ve bought your steaks at local butcher shops in the area many times so I’ll be ordering soon. Please ignore the morons complaining that you didn’t get rid of the nice thick fat cap. It’s great for making tallow and better for dry aging for the idiots complaining about it.

    robert b.
    2nd strip roast

    2nd strip roast......1st came trimmed excellent...did like 5 steaks and a small roast....real yummy....this one (didnt weigh either one both were large hunks) i trimmed up this am and got 10 hefty steaks out of it....prob trimmed 2 steaks worth of fat off of it so not as trimmed up as last roast..... gonna fire up 2 steaks maybe tom night...other 8 vacuumed sealed for later.....love all the roasts.....got a prime boneless roast (large) for xmas dinner party.....the carnivores descended upon it like locusts discovering a new field of crops and was devoured.....overall excellent and look forward to further buys...