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Creekstone Farms Butcher Paper

USDA Prime Whole Brisket (Competition Brisket)

  • GRADE:   USDA Prime
  • PROGRAM:   Prime Black Angus Beef. Grass fed and grain finished in the mid-west.
  • WEIGHT:   Available in 12-14 lbs., 14-16 lbs., or 16-18 lbs.
  • PACKAGING:   Product ships fresh and vacuum sealed.
  • STORAGE:   Product can be kept refrigerated up to 14 days.

Competition BBQ spec with thickest, most even flats available.

Customer Reviews

Based on 150 reviews Write a review

Customer Reviews

Based on 195 reviews
Excellent Quality

I used to sell Creekstone beef years ago in the food service industry and still believe it's the best Angus beef you can buy. I didn't realize they started selling online until recently so I decided to try out the brisket. I'm so happy that it's the same quality I remember. The folks in Ark city, KS have this down to a literal science from the genetics to the feed. I'm going to see if my butcher will bring it in for future use. Salt, pepper, hickory smoke, and about 14hrs @ 225 on the BGE. Turned out great! Used trim for stew meat and rendered about 1# of tallow that I used to soak the butcher paper before wrapping. Oh yeah.

Edward S.

I'm sure it will taste great, but I purchased a 16-18lb Competition Brisket because of the desctiption of them having the thickest flats. What I got does not, in fact a huge part (an area about the size of my open hand) is only about 1/2 inch and I'll need to remove it or it will burn. I expect to lose 3 - 3 1/2 pounds of meat and fat off of this in the trim, so my 17lb Competition Brisket will most likely be closer to 13 which is very annoying. This is for Thanksgiving Dinner and I ask them to pick something special. What's funny is on the packing slip that note is highlighted so I know it was seen. Sadly they did not pick 'something special'

Cam M.
Brisket and Beef Ribs

I’ve been ordering Creekstone beef for years now. Forget wagyu, this beef taste the best. Never found a better tasting product

Tyler K.
Great product!

You exceeded my expectations! From the packaging materials used for shipping, to the product itself everything about your company is 1st class. Hands down one of the best briskets I’ve had all year (14-16lb)

Matt G.
Im smoker now…

It looks okay..but I’m rather discouraged by the thinness of the flat. Lost quite a but of the flat when trimming because of that. It’s cooking now and hopefully it’s as tasty as Aaron’s….