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Teres Major (Petite Tender)

$88 $99
  • PROGRAM:   Premium Black Angus Beef. Grass fed and grain finished in the midwest.
  • GRADE: USDA Choice
  • WEIGHT:   Package size is eight 8 oz. Teres Major (packaged 2 pieces per cryovac)
  • AGING:   Wet-Aged up to 28 days for premium flavor and tenderness
  • PACKAGING:   Product ships frozen and individually vacuum sealed. Once received, you may freeze until you are ready to cook and then simply thaw and enjoy. Delivers in Creekstone Farms gift box and reusable cooler bag.

The Teres Major is also sometimes known as the Petite Tender or Shoulder Tender. Smaller and more affordable than the Tenderloin, Teres Major is juicy and tender and works well in a variety of menu applications from appetizers to entrees. It's a highly desired cut from foodies due to the rich flavor and natural tenderness.

Each package contains 2 portion cut 8 oz. pieces of Teres Major which will eat very similar to Filet Mignon at a more economical price. You will receive 4 packages of 2 pieces per package for a total of 8 pieces of teres major.

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews Write a review

Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
Andre B.
Beef Lovers Gotta try this.

Teres Major is a new favorite. Hard to find, but a unique flavor of beef, unique in a great way. Not like a FIlet Mignon, but tender like one. A little more connective tendon than a filet but a wonderful bite/ mouth feel and flavor. I would pair with a Pinot Noir or a 40oz Natty. This is an easy cook cut for a weekday or weekend outing. Forgive the poor "word picture". Go on and try one and you'll understand.

Michael B.I.h.n.b.d.w.t.p.f.C.
Consistent Good Quality

I have been ordering from Creekstone for many years. Different cuts of meat from time to time and I have never been disappointed.
KUDOs to a company that respects their customers

Mike T.
Teres Major

Have not tried this cut but looking forward to it. We have had the strips, ribeye roast, which we have cooked as a roast and also cut into steaks. We have been customers for several years an am surprised to read that customers have had issues with not receiving what they ordered, we have yet to have any issues. I have called once on delivery times and was handled immediately. Would and have recommended their product!

Leo W.
Fantastic Steaks

Best Steaks ever,tender,juicy, and flavorful! Made on the grill medium! Highly Recommend to purchase. Creekstone never disappoints! Thank you!

Marianne C.
Great steaks

Very tender and flavorful. Cooked on the grill to a Med rare. Perfect!!