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Creekstone Farms Butcher Paper

Creekstone Farms Takes Further Steps To Ensure Food Safety

For Immediate Release

March 2009


ARKANSAS CITY, KS (March 2009) - Creekstone Farms Premium Beef LLC is proud to announce that its introductory Hazardous Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP) Course has received accreditation by the International HACCP Alliance. This accreditation makes a statement about Creekstone Farms dedication to food safety.

The Creekstone Farms facility is among the most modern beef processing facilities in America and was built with food safety as the number one priority. The 450,000 square foot facility was built in 2001 and in the same year was named by Technology Magazine as the "Plant of the Year."

Don Morrow, Creekstone Farms Director of Quality Assurance,, Food Safety and Technical Services states "This puts us on par with major packers... A significant training breakthrough at a reasonable cost... This step will allow us to train more of our team members, supervisors and managers in HACCP principles to assure that we produce the safest branded beef products in the world!"

Introductory HACCP courses will be offered to Creekstone Farms team members monthly for the next year. Participants successfully completing the course will receive their HACCP Training Certification along with the International HACCP Alliance seal. This enables these team members to better participate in the food safety process, meet our regulatory obligations and to understand how their regular duties impact food safety.

The International HACCP Alliance, formerly the International Meat and Poultry HACCP Alliance, was formed in 1994 as a proactive step to assist the meat and poultry industry in preparing for mandatory HACCP. The founders of the HACCP Alliance recognized the need to standardize HACCP training efforts, develop a uniform position on implementing HACCP, and work cooperatively with USDA's Food Safety and Inspection Service (FSIS) and other regulatory agencies.

The HACCP Alliance membership includes over 120 members from nine countries representing industry associations, professional associations, educational foundations, universities, third party/private companies, and government cooperators. Members have striven to encourage the adoption of HACCP throughout the industry and to foster better communication and cooperation with USDA's FSIS and other governmental agencies worldwide.

The goals of the International HACCP Alliance are:


  • To be recognized as the world-wide HACCP authority.
  • To provide standardized curricula and accreditation for HACCP/food safety courses.
  • To facilitate the standardization of support systems for HACCP.
  • To foster understanding and cooperation among industry, academia, consumers and
  • government regarding HACCP and food safety.



Creekstone Farms® Premium Beef, LLC is one of a few branded programs certified by the USDA's Agricultural Marketing Service (AMS). Creekstone supplies many of the nation's top grocers and restaurants with quality Black Angus Beef products, ranging from high quality Prime grade fresh beef to premium value added products. Additionally, the company exports its premium quality products to Europe, Latin America and Asia. Creekstone is owned by Sun Capital Partners, one of America's largest private investment companies.