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Creekstone Farms Butcher Paper

Natural Duroc Bone-in Pork Butt (2 pack)

$100 $115
PROGRAM:  Premium Natural Duroc Pork.  Antibiotic free and humanely raised in USA. 100% vegetarian fed
PACKAGINGProduct ships frozen and individually vacuum sealed. (may arrive partially thawed)
WEIGHT:  2 butts per order.  Product weights do vary, but the average weight is 7-9lbs per piece.

    Creekstone Farms Premium Natural Duroc Bone-In Pork butts are always a hit with competition bbq enthusiasts. The quality and flavor of our Creekstone Farms Duroc pork butts are sure to please.  Duroc pork has a higher PH level which means the pork is darker in color, is more firm and is more tender.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 16 reviews
    Tim S.

    The pork butts were received on-time and in excellent condition. They smoked up perfectly, and tasted amazing! Creekstone is my one and only for pork butt!

    Karen V.
    My First Order...

    Cooked one of these butts New Years Day and I would not recommend cooking the way I did, in the crockpot. While the meat was still delicious, the amount of fat that ended up in my dish was horrendous. I was able to separate the fat and my sauerkraut was saved, but it was an extraordinary amount of fat...lol Once solidified, the fat was a very pretty white and easy to remove. It reminded me of the lard my Grandmother used to make and use when my Grandfather butchered. It was smooth, coated your lips, and didn't have a strong taste. The meat was extremely tasty and very moist. I was afraid it would have a very "porky" taste because of the amount of fat, but it did not. It was very clean-tasting and everyone really enjoyed it. I would definitely recommend purchasing these pork butts. Not sure I'd do it in the crock pot again though...lol

    Alvin G.
    Great customer service and timely delivery.

    Awesome quality of products.. Great customer service and timely delivery.

    Keith M.
    Perfect Quality Every Time

    This pork is always a crowd pleaser. It’s my go to every time. The trimming is easy thanks to the great prep work already done.

    Tim M.
    I may revise the review after cooking these durac pork butts, but for now i am not thrilled.

    These were very small butts. I have ordered many things from creekstone, and have been very happy with almost all the meat i have received. The tres major is some of my favorite beef i have eaten. But after spending $230 on 4, i was shocked by how small they are. I do quite a bit of smoking pork butts and they are about half the size of a regular butt. I have ordered duroc pork from creekstone several times before and these are tiny in comparison. I have not weighed them yet.