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Creekstone Farms Butcher Paper

Natural Duroc Back Ribs & Pork Butt Combo Pack

$210 $225

This bundle truly is for your Pork Lover and BBQ enthusiasts.


BONE-IN PORK BUTTS:  Contains two individually packaged Premium Natural Duroc Pork butts that average 7-9lbs each

PEELED BACK RIBS:  Contains four individually packaged Premium Natural Duroc Pork St. Louis Ribs that average 2.5-3lbs each

PACKAGING:  Brisket ships fresh and pork items ship frozen.  All individually vacuum sealed

STORAGE:  Brisket can be kept refrigerated up to 14 days. Pork items should be cooked within 7 days of receiving or can be placed into the freezer to cook at a later date

Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews

Creekstone provides exceptional quality!

John B.

Smoked a pork butt and two racks of ribs Saturday before Easter..... I was very very satisfied with both the ribs and the pork butt.....my oldest son 🤗 is also a BBQ type back yard guy like me and after tasting the pulled pork made a comment that it's a shame we can't get pork that great tasting around where we live in Ohio. He said he was definitely going to check you all out 😊😊..... BTW, I did my smoking on the gateway drum and everything turned out great. The ribs weren't as meaty as I by from Walmart but flavor wise was much better...... I had gottem the pork combo and you all included an extra rack of baby back ribs..... I do thank you and will order again 😊😊

Mary G.
Amazing quality

The quality of these cuts and the flavor of the duroc will have everyone very happy at your BBQ.

Ruth B.
Family combo

We enjoy having our kids and’s grandkids over for Sunday pool parties in the summer. The absolute favorite is BBQ. Creek stone farms gives us the best tasting and best quality pork. There really is a difference.

My only regret is not ordering more stuff

Great quality product, shipped quickly, and packaged exceptionally well. Can't wait to order more stuff from Creekstone in the future.