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USDA Prime Whole Brisket (Competition Brisket)

PROGRAM:  Prime Black Angus Beef.  Grass fed and grain finished in the Midwest
WEIGHT:  Available in 12-14lbs, 14-16lbs, or 16-18lbs
PACKAGING:  Product ships fresh to lock in freshness and individually vacuum sealed. 
STORAGE:  Product can be kept refrigerated up to 21 days

These are competition briskets, which are further trimmed and allows for more exposure of the flat.

Customer Reviews

Based on 437 reviews
Ralf W.
First experience with Creekstone packer Brisket

Brisket order was placed a little early but a note was added for which day I would like to receive the Brisket. First company I have ever worked with that actually read and respected my target date and the Brisket was received exactly on time. The Brisket was well packaged and received cold enough in 90+ degree heat that I was not concerned. Quality of the Brisket (Prime) was excellent and exceeded my expectation. Trimming the Brisket was easy enough with lower than normal trim from what I have experienced buying from my local butcher. This brisket was smoked low and slow on a Yoder YS640S (pellet smoker) for 11 hours at 190F and finished for 4 hours at 250F. Then 2.5 hours of resting in the original packaging the Brisket was delivered in. Wow, couldn't be happier with the final result. I will be ordering all my future Briskets from Creekstone Farms.

Steve H.
Great value

The brisket arrived in a very well packed box with plenty of ice packs. The one I received looked almost pre-trimmed. Other than removing the usual hard chunk of fat between the flat and the point, I didn't have much trimming to do. I would say I got a 90% net yield which was amazing. As a first-time buyer, I was very impressed. OBTW the meat itself was delicious! I'll be back.

Kenny T.
Great brisket!

Wow, the brisket was amazing in quality and I had one of those days on the stick burner where I just crushed it. The flavor, marbling, and quality of the meat was excellent!

Alessandro G.L.

We had the big brisket for our wedding and it was good!

Steven A.H.
Tender and juicy

Brisket turned out perfect, just the right amount of fat to render and it was so juicy. It was so nice not having to do a lot of trimming to get it ready for the cook.