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Creekstone Farms Butcher Paper

The Ultimate Competition BBQ Pitmaster Pack


This bundle truly is for your ultimate pitmaster and BBQ enthusiasts.


BRISKET:  Contains one 16-18lbs USDA Prime Black Angus Beef brisket 

BONE-IN PORK BUTTS:  Contains two individually packaged Premium Natural Duroc Pork butts that average 7-9lbs each. 

ST. LOUIS RIBS:  Contains four individually packaged Premium Natural Duroc Pork St. Louis Ribs that average 2.75-3.25lbs each

PACKAGING:  Brisket ships fresh and pork items ship frozen.  All individually vacuum sealed.

STORAGE:  Brisket can be kept refrigerated up to 14 days. Pork items should be cooked within 7 days of receiving or can be placed into the freezer to cook at a later date.

Customer Reviews

Based on 35 reviews
David R.
Good quality

Love to barbecue, Creekstone Farm’s pork and beef are one of the best, if not the best. Quality is a cut above, shipping is amazing. Glad to do business with them. Thanks for being there


I've cooked a lot of briskets, and this was one of the most disappointing. The marbling was fine, but the deckle fat was so thick that even a 15-hour cook couldn't render it down. I trimmed pretty aggressively to start, knowing that I could always make burger grind and tallow from the trimmings. It wasn't for lack of trying! I know it's hard to predict how thick the fat veins between the muscles will be, but for the price premium of a Creekstone Prime brisket, I expected better. I'll probably stick to Costco Prime from now on.

I also cooked one of the pork shoulders alongside the brisket and that was great!

Best Brisket and Great Ribs

Previous review covered butts which were great. The brisket was the best brisket I ever had. Outstanding flavor and extremely tender. Ribs were well trimmed, and meaty. Pitmaster pack is a winner,

Luke F.

Have only smoked the butts so far and they were outstanding. Showed up well trimmed, just seasoned and smoked for 10 hours. Very moist and high marks from all of the guests. Brisket and ribs planned for the 4th.