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USDA Prime Bone-In Chuck Short Ribs


PROGRAM:  Prime Black Angus Beef.  Grass fed and grain finished in the Midwest
PACKAGING:  Product ships frozen and vacuum sealed.  Products may arrive partially thawed
WEIGHT:  Package contains two full bone-in chuck short ribs with four bones per piece. Average weight of each piece is 3-4 lbs (6-8lbs total product weight)

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 58 reviews

    Excellent. Unbelievable taste and flavor.

    sam F.
    Fantastic quality..

    I cannot say enough about how amazing these ribs are.. especially after a long smoke. Creekstone is my go to for all my brisket and now beef ribs.

    Eric P.
    not the same as previous orders

    I ordered 2 packs of the short ribs and was a bit disappointed. in each pack, one rack was considerably smaller than the other rack. I’ve had this in the past the racks were larger and meater. one of the racks i had this time was shorter and fattier. one and half of the 4 ribs was nearly all fat on one end. I can handle one rack being shorter than the other if it was thicker and meatier. but these were shorter and not any thicker and more fatty. two of the racks were excellent, but the other two were pretty bad.

    Mark S.
    Fun cook

    Yes, they are fatty. But, that's why the cook is fun. Low, slow, render, wrap and wait. I go a couple degrees above recommended 204°, unwrap and tent while resting. This allows the outer bark to set a bit rather than being too moist (for my preference) while still producing the most flavorful, juicy short rib I've had the pleasure to cook (so far). Salt and pepper is plenty but season to your liking. Save the bones to make broth. Expensive but worth it. Just don't invite too many guests!! And tell them to bring good adult beverages!

    Lighter on the meat

    Love the ribs from Creekstone but latest plates were light on the meat