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Natural Prime Boneless Ribeye Steaks

$135 $165
PROGRAM:  Natural Black Angus Beef with no Hormones or Antibiotics.  Grass fed and grain finished in the Midwest.  Certified Humane®” 
WEIGHT:  Available in 12oz and 16oz steaks (thickness may vary)
AGING:  Wet-Aged up to 21 days for premium flavor and tenderness.
PACKAGING:  Product ships frozen and individually vacuum sealed. Delivers in Creekstone Farms gift box and reusable cooler bag.
    Every red blooded steak lover craves the flavor and tenderness of a great ribeye steak. These hand-cut Prime ribeyes will surpass all expectations of how good a steak can be. 

      Customer Reviews

      Based on 1 review Write a review

      Customer Reviews

      Based on 52 reviews
      Joe M.
      Worth every penny!

      Absolutely wonderful. Very tender and the flavor was the best I've had.

      Chris L.

      2 out of 4 ribeyes have more fat content than I expected.

      mickey a.

      Really good tender flavorful. Could be thicker with some more fat but overall one of the best steaks ive ever cooked

      Thawed meat

      I was disappointed that these steaks arrived completely thawed. Contacted customer service who said they can be refrozen. I’m not concerned about food safety as they were still cold to the touch but at more than 40 dollars for 12 oz. I didn’t expect to have to cook twice frozen meat.

      Chef T.
      Best steaks

      I am an executive chef at a high end steak house and it took us about 9 months from when we opened to find the ribeye that was perfect for us. This ribeye is the best I’ve ever had or cooked and that includes Japanese A5 Wagyu. It is tender and cooks perfectly. Looking forward to getting our prime tenderloins in to start selling them. Our ribeyes have came with nothing but rave reviews from customers. We keep it simple salt pepper and a little garlic no need to do to much to such a quality product!!