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Creekstone Farms Butcher Paper

Certified Humane

Creekstone Farms Natural Black Angus Beef

  • Certified Humane by Humane Farm Animal Care
  • No Antibiotics, EVER
  • No Added Hormones or Growth Promotants, EVER
  • No Artificial Ingredients
  • 100% Vegetarian Diet
  • Source Verified to Ranch of Birth

At Creekstone Farms, our commitment to treating our livestock with the utmost compassion and care has been long-standing. In fact, our cattle receiving facility was the first to be built from the ground up that adhered to the guidelines and design of Dr. Temple Grandin, associate professor of animal science at Colorado State University and one of the leading experts on animal welfare. We also hold official certification from the Humane Farm Animal Care (HFAC) organization (https://certifiedhumane.org/. HFAC is the leading non-profit certification organization dedicated to improving the lives of farm animals.

Humane Handling

The Certified Humane certification is by no means easy to obtain. A series of stringent audits take place to ensure the animals are calm, relaxed, and well cared for throughout their entire lives. For example, cattle prods, cages, crates, and tie stalls are strictly prohibited. Animals must be free to do what comes naturally and their diet must be quality feed – no animal byproducts, antibiotics, or growth hormones are allowed.

We are proud to announce that Creekstone Farms Natural Black Angus Beef program passed every test with flying colors and has been HFAC certified since September 2015. Ryan Meyer, VP of Cattle Procurement at Creekstone Farms, said it  best – “It’s one thing to say we do things the right way, but it’s a considerable accomplishment to attain third party validation of our humane handling guidelines  from an organization with industry-leading standards.”

You can count on Creekstone Farms to serve as a role model for humane treatment of animals throughout the beef industry.